Crimea Developments – The Lonely Voice of the Pro-Ukraine Tavriya Ultras

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    • Crimea Developments – The Lonely Voice of the Pro-Ukraine Tavriya Ultras

      Following the deadly violence of Euromaidan, coverage of unrest in Ukraine has switched to developments in Crimea, a region that comprises an ethnic and linguistic Russian majority with the area representing almost mythical value to the Russian Federation.

      As with other Ultra groups, the fans of Crimea’s biggest club Tavriya Simferopol were involved in Ultra groups’ collective defence of ‘ordinary’ protesters, which took place not only in Kyiv but all across Ukraine. In the previous article “Ukrainian Ultras and the Unorthodox Revolution” attention focused on the involvement of Ukraine’s Ultras scene during the Maidan demonstrations. Like many other groups, the hardcore fans of Tavriya Simferopol were part of the fight against the Yanukovich regime, but what is their role in the current tension, now that the contention is on their proverbial doorstep? In spite of the fact that many ethnic Russians are part of Tavriya’s Ultra groups, it transpires that these particular Ultras are the most outspoken group against the current Russian involvement and potential independence of the peninsula.

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    • Manuel Veth wrote:

      The answer is straightforward: Ultra groups are in essence youth groups who use the club they support to carry forward their political agendas.

      Bitte was?

      Bisher habe ich die Artikel von Manuel Veth gern gelesen, auch wenn nicht immer mit dem was er schrieb ueberein stimmte. Dieser Artikel ist ihm jedoch ziemlich entglitten. Er schreibt gern ueber die Fangruppen und haette das was ich oben zitiert habe eigentlich besser wissen muessen. Schade, aber hier scheint sich jemand als Schreiber unbedingt und zu jedem Preis profilieren zu wollen ganz egal ob das was er schreibt tatsaechlich der Realitaet entspricht. :thumbdown: