How Ukraine Uses US Military Aid

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    • How Ukraine Uses US Military Aid

      Nolan Peterson, der Autor dieses Artikels, ist früherer Kampfpilot und Kriegsberichterstatter. Er hat längere Zeit in den Kriegsgräben mit ukrainischen Soldaten verbracht und sich selber einen Eindruck vom Krieg im Osten verschafft.

      Daily Signal wrote:

      Ukrainian territorial defense battalion, an irregular volunteer unit, trains outside the city of Dnipro. (Photo: Nolan Peterson/The Daily Signal)
      KYIV, Ukraine—Since April 2014, Ukraine has been locked in a land war in its eastern Donbas region against a combined force of Russian regulars, pro-Russian separatists, and foreign mercenaries.

      During that time, Russia has used Ukraine as a testing ground for its modern warfare doctrines and technologies—in terms of both conventional and so-called hybrid military operations. Despite its disadvantages, Ukraine has weathered the storm and fought the war to a stalemate that has held since February 2015.

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